Learn about Ethno Pictures

Ethno Pictures is the not-for-profit arm of Nomadic Pictures. Ethno Pictures receives grant funding and donations that are then applied to educational projects that are co-produced with Nomadic Pictures. Ethno Pictures’ mission is to co-produce and distribute high-quality educational documentary films and develop community engagement plans that examine numerous issues including social justice, human rights, public education, incarceration, poverty, addiction, environmental conservation and world peace.

Ethno Pictures was incorporated in 2001 and received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS in 2002. It has co-produced and distributed numerous films with Nomadic Pictures including the Oscar nominated feature documentary, Legacy; the award winning and national PBS feature documentary, Omar & Pete; the national PBS documentary, Aimee’s Crossing; the award winning and national PBS documentary, The Principal Story; the award winning Sundance short, Vezo; the national PBS feature length production scheduled for airing in 2016, All the Difference.

Making a contribution to Ethno Pictures will help support the continued development and production of documentary films and community engagement plans that have a positive impact on our society. Through creating films and community engagement projects that raise awareness, educate and catalyze tangible action, it is our hope that we’re contributing to making this world a place that is more peaceful, healthy, equal and just. Any contribution you choose to make is greatly appreciated. Thank you.