Saul (94) and Ruby (90), both holocaust survivors with an insatiable lust for life, have formed a band to tour the world and spread their message of world peace.

Saul & Ruby’s Holocaust Survivor Band (aka Saul & Ruby, To Life!)

A feature documentary

While exploring issues of education and manhood, All the Difference follows two tough and determined young black men for five years as they graduate high school and struggle to be the first in their families to make it through college and rise out of poverty.

All the Difference

Broadcast nationally on PBS award-winning POV series

Academy Award®-nominated Legacy is the unflinching chronicle of one family’s triumphant journey out of poverty and despair. Touchingly narrated by Nickcole Collins, a teenage girl wise beyond her years, the film follows the Collins family over five years as they slowly pull themselves out of the haze of poverty, drug addiction, and violence that plagues their public housing project in...


Academy Award® Nominated; Winner BANFF; Special Selection Sundance

A “vivid, sobering portrait” that “packs considerable cumulative punch” (Variety), Omar & Pete is a compelling and highly personal film that examines the social, economic, and personal barriers two ex-offenders face as they try to reintegrate into their communities and families. In and out of prison for more than 30 years, and never out longer than 6 months, Omar and...

Omar & Pete

National Emmy Nominated Best Documentary; Winner Henry Hampton Award

Following Tresa Dunbar and Kerry Purcell (two highly dedicated public school principals) over the course of a school year, The Principal Story paints a dramatic portrait of the challenges facing America’s public schools – and of the great difference a dedicated principal can make. As the film reveals, Purcell and Dunbar share an irrepressible determination to see that poverty doesn’t...

The Principal Story

Broadcasted nationally on PBS award-winning POV series, Distributed by the State Dept to 150 consulates across the world

Filmed in Madagascar, the short film, Vezo (which means: to live with the sea), is narrated by Narcia, the 14-year-old daughter of a Vezo family. She tells the story of their survival in the style of a fable. Beautiful documentary footage and the magic of sand animation is used to illustrate her story. In this simple fable, the solution to the...


Screened at Sundace Film Festival; Winner Hilton Sustainability Award

One in three Native American women will experience sexual abuse at some point in their lifetime. That is more than twice the national average. And for the women of Alaska, the state with the highest incidence of rape, the situation is particularly bleak.

Burden of Silence

Broadcasted internationally on Al Jazeera network

The economic downturn that hit the US economy has left many families struggling. For those who were already living on the edge of economic security the impact of the downturn has been a devastating tipping point. In This Room is a personal look at how one Chicago family, forced into living in a homeless shelter, is navigating through this turmoil.

In This Room

Broadcasted internationally on Al Jazeera network

The Governor of Illinois granted filmmaker Tod Lending unprecedented access to a female juvenile prison in order to tell the story of Aimee’s Crossing. In this provocative, intimate, and emotionally charged portrait, Lending follows juvenile offender Aimee Myers for four years as she struggles to stay out of incarceration and overcome her addictions. Her distinctive voice, and the multiplicity of...

Aimee’s Crossing

Broadcasted nationally on PBS

Time to Speak features young victims of domestic violence struggling to survive and overcome their experience of abuse and neglect. This powerful and intimate documentary follows their stories as they unfold in the pediatric trauma ward of a Chicago hospital; a medical intake center where psychological and physical exams are performed; and in a unique residential facility that uses peer...

Time to Speak

Winner Casey medal for Meritorious Journalism, broadcasted nationally on PBS.

Breaking Ties focuses on the intense lives of three teens that are breaking their families’ ties to poverty in the US. Nicole, 16 years old, lives in a poor section of Chicago. Her family has depended on welfare for 4 generations. Demetrio, 17 years old, is a migrant worker who has worked the crops between Florida and Michigan since he...

Breaking Ties

Winner Casey medal for Meritorious Journalism, broadcasted nationally on PBS.

Growin’ Up Not a Child enters the violent living conditions of urban America and exposes communal violence on a scale that we never thought was possible in the U.S. Filmed in Chicago, it follows the lives of children living in dangerous communities who are making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. This film examines what support structures...

Growin’ Up Not a Child

National Emmy nominated Best Documentary Special, broadcasted nationally on PBS.

Rosevelt’s America is a cinema verite profile of the struggles of a Liberian refugee to build a new life in America. After being tortured and narrowly escaping execution during Liberia’s civil war, Rosevelt Henderson makes his way to America with three of his children but is forced to leave his pregnant wife behind. Ultimately, Rosevelt’s America becomes an inspiring story...

Rosevelt’s America

Winner Huston International Film Festival, broadcasted nationally on PBS.

World renown vocalist-songwriter-pianist Patricia Barber has earned a reputation as a fiercely independent artist who has paid enough dues to creatively call the shots on the kind of albums she wants to make. Modern Cool is a promotional short film with performance and interview that captures Barber performing several hits from her highly acclaimed CD, Modern Cool.

Modern Cool

On January 12th 2010 a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. More than 220,000 people were killed and over 300,000 were injured. Of those who survived, many were suffering from various forms of PTSD. One year after the tragedy the Center for Mind Body Medicine arrived in Haiti to train healthcare workers in how to deal with the effects of PTSD. Using...